2015 Show Schedule

Jan 24th
Southern Koast / Dewayne Johnson / Charles Steaveson / Erin Power

Jan 31st
Daniel Foster / Laurie Tatum / Lela Dalby / Richard Stanton

Feb 7th
Matthew Butler / Mike Betts / Melissa Mitchell / Dorothy Hinman / Keri Winters

Feb 14th
23rd Anniversary Show with Dee Bell / Joe Mack Bennett / Melissa Jaynes / Carl Jackson / Jimmy Lewis /
Dewayne Johnson / Rhonda Neal / Myra Rolen / Steve Shofner and more...

Feb 21st
Eric Vazquez / Linda Flesher / Chelbi Gathright / Courtney Fyock / Dakota Threlkeld

Feb 28th
Jimmy Lewis / Jake Akin / Tammy Fogel / Introducing Donnie Lee Strickland

March 7th
Randy Banks / Jeanne Vaughan / Country Jack Harper / Dwight Gathright / Sharee Boyd

March 14th
Tamara Mathers / Keith Ross / Frank Ross / Brady Honeycutt

March 21st
2nd Annual Reunion Show featuring the Original Country Plus Band with Melissa Jaynes / Carl Jackson /
Terry McCasland / MIlam Albright / Steve Shankles and more...

March 28th
Wade and Teresa Landry

April 4th
Myra Rolen
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