2015 Show Schedule

May 30th
Classic Oldies Rock-n-Roll Show with Candace Taylor / Rich Stanton / Eric Vazquez / Laura Tatum /
The Dalbys

June 6th
Dee Bell / Charles & Cynthia Steavenson / Dexter Rowe

June 13th
Trish McDonough / Gage Baird / Chandler Walley / Chance Briggs /
Special Appearence by Robert Womack

June 20th
Western Swing and Texas Honky Tonk Show with Carl Vaughan and Robert Womack

June 27th
Jeanne Mize Vaughan / Dewayne Johnson / Marvin Lee Fisk / Sadie Evans

July 4th

July 11th
Jimmy & Lacy Wolfe / Damon Beauchamp / Dustin Cherry / Gary Beauchamp

July 25th
Klancy Johnson and introducing George Garrison and Isabelle Robinson

Aug 1st
Jimmy Lewis / Jake Akin / Sharee Boyd / Donna Marie
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