Upcoming Show Schedule

January 28th
Daniel Foster / Klancy Johnson / Gage Baird / Laura Mae Tatum / Jake Akin /
Jessica Akin

February 4th
Oaklawn Opry Country Plus Band Reunion Show with
Milam Albright / Roy Dale Bray / Bob Gray / Steve Shankles and Terry McCasland

February 11th
25th Anniversary Show featuring performances by
Joe Mack Bennett
Dee Bee
Melodie Clemmons
Lonnie Doss
Steve Harrell
Mike Hartman
Carl Jackson
Melissa Jaynes
Dwayne Johnson
Klancy Johnson
Jimmy Lewis
Terry McCasland
Rhonda Neal
Phillip Osburn
Sissy Privitt
Myra Rolen
Steve Shofner
and more...

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Steve Shofner on the Oaklawn Opry