2015 Show Schedule

Aug 1st
Jimmy Lewis / Tamara Mathers / Dewayne Johnson / Donna Marie

Aug 8th
California Country: Tribute to the Bakersfield Sound with
Steve Shofner / Dee Bell / Mike Betts and Chip Bricker

Aug 15th
Carl Jackson / Myra Rolen / Jake Akin and Carley Jae Vargas

Aug 22nd
Matthew Butler / Rhonda Neal / Linda Flesher / Vince Ward

Aug 29th
Joe Mack Bennett / Rick Nunley / introducing April Davis / Eric Vazquez

Sept 5th
Southern Koast / Debby Jackson / Ray Wingfield / Scarlett Leeper

Sept 12th
Steve Harrell / Robert Womack / Chandler Walley and introducing Marli Humphry

Sept 19th
Roy Hale / Haylie Walter / Linda Flesher / George Garrison

Sept 26
Jeanne Vaughan / Dexter Rowe / Lynn Landry and introducing Riley Brule
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Steve Shofner on the Oaklawn Opry