Upcoming Show Schedule

October 1st
Haylie Walter  / Lee Turner / Bobby Primm /

October 8th
Dwayne Johnson / Donald Fuller / Brittany Christie / Claudine Tompkins / Eric Vazquez

October 15th
NEWCOMERS SHOWCASE / Willie Kersten / Beth Hatos / Colin Luckett / Ashley Powell /
Rachel Parson / Danny Turrentine

October 22nd
Steve Harrell / Jake Akin / Chandler Walley / LaDonna Jones / George Garrison

October 29
Merle Haggard Tribute by Randy Banks with other guests Robert Womack / Carly Jae Vargas /
Autumn Knighton

Nov 5th
Jimmy Lewis / Dee Bell / The Dalby's / The Ghost of Hank Williams

Nov 12th
Debby Jackson / Camille Moore / Marty and Leta Cox / Carl Jackson

Nov 19th
Keith Owens / Jessica Verdine /

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